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Designed for business owners with a proven track record of success and financial security, a business expansion loan provides larger scale capital for growth at competitive rates.


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What is a Business Loan?

Designed for business owners with a proven track record of success and financial security, a business loan provides larger-scale capital for growth at competitive rates. It has advantages in speed, simplicity, and flexibility that traditional small business loans cannot match. The approval process is fast and simple, and the personalized flexibility of your funding means that we provide the right-sized capital to meet your business goals. Automatic repayments and access to your online portal provide you with the simplicity and transparency you need to focus on your business.

What Can a Business Loan Do For Your Business?

Business loans allow borrowers to pursue large-scale growth plans while paying for the initiative over the course of the loan. Whether you are looking to tackle the next phase of your business plan, open a new location, purchase new equipment, expand into new markets, grow your team, or launch a new product, expansion loans can help you reach your next phase of growth.


Business Loan Details

Qualifying Criteria

Business Expansion Loans are available to businesses throughout the U.S. which meet the following criteria:

  • 530+ FICO score
  • 3+ years in business
  • $15,000+ average monthly bank deposits
  • $3,000+ in average daily balances

Required Documentation

  • Signed business loan agreement
  • Business mortgage statement if you own; business lease agreement if you rent
  • Unexpired government-issued picture ID of all owners
  • Bank statements—most recent 3 months
  • For loans over $100,000 we require your most recent business tax return

Interest Rates and Fees

  • Interest rates: Starting at 9.99%
  • Origination fee: A one-time 2.5% (of total loan) set up fee, deducted from your proceeds

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